Dust free Hoppers


Dust free hopper for loading and undloading fertilizer

Breston provided two receiving hoppers built for weighted loading of fertiliser to a Australian client. Both installations are extremely reliable and have various dust aspiration systems.

After the assignment for the realisation of the project the engineering phase followed. The strict Australian Standard (AS) and the extensive requirements of our client were our guideline. The frame of the receiving hopper weighed 270 ton and had to be designed in such a way that it was resistant to all kinds of complicated forces as a result of hurricanes, earthquakes and collisions.

The strength Breston has in the field of hoppers, conveyor belts and especially dust-control are bundled in one installation. Both hoppers each have a dust grid with a Breston flex flap-system and dust extraction above and under the dust grid. Due to the mobile roof the hopper, the machine can be closed when out of order or when it rains to protect the product against weather conditions. Due to the corrosive qualities of fertiliser and the maritime surroundings, the installation is provided with the high-quality C5 coating system.


The product is deposited onto the wharf conveyor belt which transports the product to the clients warehouse/storage. However there is also a possibility to directly load the product into trucks that drive under the installation. The loading installation for trucks is operated from a control cabin above the installation, that way good communication between the driver and the truck driver is guaranteed. The electric installation is built according to the class 3B Form and is located in an isolated and air conditioned container. A compressor is located in a different room and gives enough compressed air to keep all the dust filters clean according to the set schedules. The receiving hopper is provided with a spillage deflector that is placed carefully against the ship to prevent spilling of product between wharf and ship.

Both receiving hoppers are placed on one pier. The installations have a driving range of 200 meter. This makes it possible to optimally position them in close proximity to the cargo holds of the ship. The receiving funnels each have a capacity of about 420 tons per hour. With this project Breston once again shows that we are capable of realizing ambitious goals.

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