Our organisation.


Breston has more than 60 employees. Because we produce and process everything in-house we have the right teams with their own specialism in each department.

Within our company we work as transparently as possible, we ask and appreciate the input of all our employees. This results in long business relationships and a pleasant work environment. As an acknowledged learning company we have a lot of experience in training professionals. We accomplish this by using expertise of employees that, in some cases, have around 40 years of experience within our organisation. This mix of young and old gives us the possibility to combine new input of current technology and knowledge with proven concepts of the past.

The organisation.


Since the establishment of Breston in 1938 it has been a family company with the family Abresch leading it.

The current leaders of the company, since 2002, are the third generation Abresch, the brothers Joost and Jaap Abresch. Joost is responsible for sales, planning and project management, whereas Jaap is responsible for managing the internal production processes.

Because of the family values, the communication within the company is very clear and straightforward. Everyone knows what is expected of them. Thanks to the fact that we have such a large group of experts, Breston has grown throughout the years and has become a professional company known far beyond national borders.

Recognizable strong.


Since the establishment in 1938 Breston seeks to produce products of high quality, characterised as robust and reliable.

Breston machines are characterised as robust and of high capacity. Through the use of high quality components in our machines and offering customer specific designs, we are able to produce any machine you want. Because of this we can guarantee high reliability and long lifespan of the machines.

Our customers are included in the process from the beginning. With your input, wishes and solutions regarding your process or problems become the fundament of the machine. After the design, everything is produced in our factory. During this process you are free (and encouraged) to have a look at your machine in order to guarantee that your machine lives up to your standards.

Breston stands for taking away worries of our customers throughout the entire process. We are capable of accepting the entire project from design till installation on-site.