Roller sorter

Various agricultural products can be efficiently sorted by size using the Breston roller sorters. The removal of soil, dirt, foliage and substandard product is a matter of seconds with the roll sorter.

The roller sorter is often used in combination with the Breston recieving hopper. With the roller sorter or roller cleaner in combination with the patented ellipse rollers, the field crop is excellent to clean at a high capacity.

With the Breston ellipse rolls, filling up the roller cleaner with soil is a thing of the past. The ellipse roller, in combination with the unique Breston roller attachment, ensures a much better passage of soil and foliage. Due to the special oval shape, the passage varies continuously during rotation, so that way the roller bed cleans itself and will no longer fill up with soil. The ellipse roll is made in such a way that it is easy to exchange with normal rolls and is even applicable to other brands of recieving hoppers.

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