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Breston NB receiving hopper


The NB receiving hopper is not a newcomer in our program. This machine was already introduced in the 1980s. However, over the years many developments have been applied in this area.

Nowadays there are four ‘standard’ models: NB5, NB10, NB12 and the NB20. Standard is in parentheses because at Breston almost nothing is standard. We customize every hopper according to your specific requirements. In agriculture the most used models are the NB5 and NB10. The number refers to the center-to-center distance of the industrial conveyor chain. They are available with a floor mat width of 2500, 2800 or 3000mm. This is customizable to your wishes.

Breston also has industrial clients that work with this hopper 24/7. The key point is maintenance. The sides are almost straight, that way bridge forming is not an issue. It is optional for both sides to slide open where the product enters the hopper. This is not only meant for opening container or truck doors but also to be able to load from the side of the hopper. This is convenient for handling of products.

The waterproof control cabinet for the electronic components is situated on the bottom right of the hopper. Breston is proud of the layer thickness regulation that we have developed together with the electronic supplier. The speed of the conveyor belt is independently operated from the floor mat. A distance protection system registers if the tipper has the correct distance in front of the hopper. This way it can never drive too far into the hopper. The driver receives a green light through two LED strips. This system also operates the floor mat, which stops turning when driving away, limiting the dumping height.

The roller sorter.

Customisation plays a big roll with cleaning rollers. There are options for steel, stainless steel, thick walled, steel spirals, diabolos, ellipse rolls or PU rolls (dependent on the type of products that are to be processed). The rolls are always powered directly with an electric motor. Users appreciate that every roll has its own frequency inverter and is therefore adjustable in speed. For cleaning, the rolls turn very fast for a short time. The soil hurdles loose and is thrown onto the discharge belt. Therefore you will not have any congestion on the product belt. The patented ellipse rolls are oval shaped so that soil, clods, and stones can be sifted out. Clods are broken down when they fall between the rollers. With big stones the roll can move aside. The cleaning is noticeably better and faster compared to the standard rollers. It pulls the product apart and improves the distribution, which results in a better cleaning capacity.

Besides a standard discharge belt some of the hoppers are equipped with a central belt. The product and soil drain never get stuck, creating more space for the setup. Experience shows that a germ inhibitor is divided more evenly over the product flow. It is guaranteed that the machine has a huge capacity, this means that the following dualbelt conveyor and store loader must preferably have a belt width of one meter. This will collect the product as efficiently as possible and transport it with full capacity.

The machine in six details:

De machine in zes details.

  • Variety of rollers is available. Optional with pre-sorter. Ellipse rollers are oval and let through more soil and clods. This noticeably improves the cleaning.
  • The roller sorter pulls the product apart. A better dividing process results in a more clean product. The speed differs, depending on the floor mat. The roller sorter pulls the product apart. A better dividing process results in a more clean product. The speed differs, depending on the floor mat.
  • A scale division shows the distance at which the rollers are situated.
  • Due to the product belt, the dualbelt and discharge belt are never close to each other.
  • An electronic sensor detects how far the tipper has driven. The LED strip changes from green to red.
  • Both side walls can be optionally opened. This is desirable for filling by means of containers or for filling from the side while handling.
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