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About this Privacy statement

This privacy statement contain in which way we collect personal data when you visit our website, enter into a business relationship with us as a customer or supplier, or when you apply for a vacancy at Breston. It also contains why we collect this data and how we process this data.


We value meticulousness and have taken measures in order to make sure that personal information is being handled confidentially. In short this means that we:


  • use your personal data solely for purposes that have been agreed with you, for which we have granted permission, that serve a justified cause or are a consequence of our legal obligations;
  • do not share your personal data with third parties, unless this is necessary in executing our services or activities;
  • shall administer and secure your personal data with great caution.

Who is responsible for your personal data?

Breston B.V., Breston Constructions B.V., Breston Onroerend Goed B.V. and Abresch Beheer B.V. (hereafter: Breston), all established in Nieuwe Tonge, Molendijk 167, 3244 AM, The Netherlands, are each responsible for correct processing of your personal data, as prescribed by this privacy statement.

When you have questions, suggestions or comments regarding this privacy statement or want to file a complaint about the way In which we have processed your personal data, we would like to get in touch with you. For this matter, emails can be send to

This privacy statement applies to among other (but not exclusively) Breston B.V.’s website (, services and products delivered by Breston as well as recruitment and selection of employees by Breston B.V. and Breston Constructions B.V.

For which purposes do we process your personal data?

Breston processes personal data in order to properly conduct its activities and offer services. We process all personal data carefully, diligently and in accordance with the applicable legislation and regulations. Processing your personal data only occurs in situations described below.


1. Entering and maintaining business relationships


Are you a (potential) customer to us, then we use your data in order to send you quotations, to determine which specifications and wishes are needed to make your product or deliver service to you, to deliver goods to you, send you invoices and communicate efficiently about executing our agreement with you.


Are you a (potential) supplier or other contractor, personal data is necessary for entering and conducting an agreement. For purchasing it is necessary to let you know which specifications and wishes are important for a certain product or service, as well as send you a quotation request or place orders with you, paying your invoices and efficient communication on other aspects of the agreement. The following data is used:


  • Name, titel(s) and salutation;
  • Address data, phone number and e-mail address;
  • Data necessary for billing and payments.


We preserve this data for as long as necessary in order to live up to your expectations regarding execution of the agreement and offering support and service. Data on required (financial) administration are preserver for a period of at least seven years.


2. Communication


When you send us an e-mail or other messages, these will be stored in our e-mail archives and are preserved conform the legal retention obligation. In some cases we ask you for additional personal data that are relevant for your situation. This allows to answer your questions and requests.


3. Recruitment and selection


When you apply to a vacancy at Breston or apply otherwise, we process the data that is sent by you. If your application results in an employment relationship, all relevant data will be added to your personnel file. In other situations, you will receive a rejection from us and your data will be destroyed within two weeks after rejection. In case we value your application and want to contact you later about a possible employment relationship, we will ask your permission to preserve your data for a longer period.

Third parties

We use third parties while executing our services and activities. If personal data are being processed, this is captured in a so-called data processing agreement. This agreement contains statements on how we protect and secure personal data.


Breston has taken appropriate organizational and technical measures in order to protect your personal data correctly and adequately. Your personal data is being preserved on secured servers, that are positioned on Dutch grounds and fall under Dutch jurisdiction. Additionally we use digital security technologies, such as encrypted data, firewalls and secured servers in order to ensure that your personal data is not process unauthorized.


All of our employees are instructed on our measures, such as a data breach protocol, the content of this current privacy statement and the urge to protect passwords and devices at all times.


When using our website, technical characteristics of your visit are kept in so-called log files. This is among other, the requested page, IP-address, time of visit, browser type, etc. Analyses of these log files are solely used to improve the website and related services, and are preserved for a period no longer than 12 months.

Cookies and Trackers

Cookies are small bits of information that are saved on your computer by your internet browser. Our website uses functional cookies that are necessary in order to let the website function properly.


Trackers are used by parties who offer online services in order to optimally align their services and advertisements to their users. This website uses Google services that allow a search option on the website and viewing our location on a map. Additionally, Adobe Typekit is used in order to correctly show fonts. By using these services, information on your visit to our website is being shared with Google and Adobe. For more information on these service offered by Google and Adobe, view the following websites: Google [] and Adobe []

Your rights

You have the following right regarding the processing of your personal data:


  • Right of access. You can file a request to review your personal data. There are certain circumstances which deny you the right of access;
  • Right to rectification in case of inaccurate or insufficient personal data;
  • Right to erasure or right to be forgotten. There are circumstances which require us to preserve or process your personal data, for example when there is a legal obligation to do so;
  • Right to appeal or limit processing personal data. There are circumstances which require us to preserve or process your personal data, for example when there is a legal obligation to do so;
  • Right to data portability. This means that u have the right to receive your personal data in a usual and structured manner and transfer this data to another provider of a similar service;
  • Right to object against profiling and the right to offer a complaint or objection with the competent authority (de Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens);
  • Right to withdraw your permission for certain processing which requires your explicit approval. As mentioned before, there are circumstances under which we are entitled to continue processing your data, especially when this is necessary to fulfil legal obligations.

Questions, requests or complaints

When you have questions, requests or complaints regarding the way we process your personal data, you can contact us via e-mail:, or by sending a letter to:


Breston B.V./ Breston Constructions B.V./ Breston Onroerend Goed B.V./ Abresch Beheer B.V.
Molendijk 167
3244 AM Nieuwe Tonge

Amendments privacy statement

Breston preserves the right to amend this privacy statement at any time. Therefore check our privacy statement regularly for any possible updates.


This privacy statement was lastly amended on June 20th, 2019.