14m Long hopper for onions

14m Long hopper for onions


Sort onions with ease

A number of our mechanics are already eager to assemble a mega receiving hopper for our client MSP Onions.

MSP Onions builds ”the factory of the future” in Nieuwdorp and MSP Onions also opts for quality with this Breston receiving hopper type NB20-280.
Making a difference with quality, that is what MSP has in mind with the onion factory that is being built next to the existing company.

This is a hopper with a belt length of approximately 11 meters and a belt width of 2800 mm. The hopper will mainly be gray with black as an additional color. The material of the conveyor belts for the hopper is food grade blue. The roller set of this machine has 8 stainless steel rollers that have 5 mm minimum passage and 55 mm maximum passage. This makes it easy to sort the onions from big to small. The roller set is a combination of round rolls and ellipse rolls.